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Mandy Wax

I am an interdisciplinary artist living and working in London. I am both a maker and facilitator, telling human stories and working with others in both collaborative and community settings.  I make wall hung pieces and installations using a variety of art forms including painting, stitching, photography and sound. My style of working reflects my background in philosophy and psychoanalysis and my pieces are often the result of research and observations into the human psyche.

Most recently I am concerned with how traces of the past can haunt the present and how buried matter or forces can emerge and affect our lives and relationships. I am especially interested in the nature of contradiction and how ideas or feelings can manifest in multiple ways at once, appearing contradictory but in actual fact making sense. This feels particularly intriguing at the moment as I am working on the concept of dreams and dreaming for our group exhibition coming up in Autumn 2022.

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